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National University Arturo Jauretche (UNAJ)

The National University Arturo Jauretche (UNAJ for its initials in Spanish) was created in 2009 to offer an educative opportunity in accordance with the local needs, linked to the formation of qualified people and the scientific and technological demands required by the process of social inclusion started in 2003.

Since its foundation, the University has undertaken activities showing a great interest in local development. This can be seen in its academic programs and the number of actions done with joint efforts with the different community members.

Florencio Varela and Berazategui districts
UNAJ location

UNAJ is located in Florencio Varela, next to Berazategui, 25 km south from Buenos Aires.
Since the beginning of its first term in 2011, the number of students attending classes has risen to 23,049.

Florencio Varela

1970: 100,000
1991: 255,000
2001: 348,970
2010: 426,005

Population growth 2001-2010: 77,035 (22.1%)
2.7% of Buenos Aires’ population (position: 10th)

Density: 2,242.1/km2
44.2% under 21 years old

Average age: 25

113,135 homes
65.3% without health service
77% homes connected to the water supply network
27.2% homes connected to the sewers network
43.9% homes connected to the gas network
7.7% of population living in shacks (1st position in the province of Buenos Aires)


1970: 127,740
1991: 244,929
2001: 287,913
2010: 324,244

Population growth 2001-2010: 36,331 (12.6%)
2.1% of Buenos Aires’ population (position: 15th)

Density: 1,467.1/km2
38.1% under 21 years old

Average age: 30.7

93,164 homes
55.5% without health service (year 2001)
88.1% homes connected to the water supply network
66.9% homes connected to the sewers network
65.8% homes connected to the gas network
4.3% of population living in shacks (8th position in the province of Buenos Aires)

Goals of UNAJ

Our goals rest on these fundamental pillars:

  • The social and educational inclusion of students, as well as the provision of financial support for them.
  • The provision of a learning space where critical thinking is fostered and social and cultural understanding is valued.
  • The local and national development.

National University Arturo Jauretche is organised in Schools, which are academic units: Initial Studies, Engineering and Agronomy, Social Sciences and Management, and Health Sciences.

Students / year

Students / year

Average age of students

Average age of students
Policies for admission and continuation

4,230 grants

  • 26% of the regular students receive grants
  • Economic support
  • Subsidy for Child Care Center

Accompaniment programs

  • Texts for courses
  • Teaching quality (1/35 ratio)
  • Vocacional orientation
  • Free tutorials and support classes
  • Orientation and support for administrative processes
  • Library
  • Public Health Insurance (1,570 students)

Professional insertion

  • Training and linkage grants
  • Paid internships
Students’ profile

A vast majority of our students are the first generation in their families to receive higher education.

  • 60% of our students’ parents finished only primary education.
  • 25.7% of our students are heads of their households.
  • 45.9% of our students come from the lower-middle classes, and an important group of them (27.6%) are part of the most vulnerable sector.
students' profile
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