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  • To generate educational processes that delve into the free, equal and democratic construction of the social being, based on the respect and protection of human rights and equal opportunities for everybody.
  • To promote the formation of critical and sensible people who hold onto ethical values and solidarity to raise the community standard of living.
  • To offer classroom-based and distance higher education, through undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies, in accordance with the University Statues.
    To make the University be a tool to transform our society and to allow equal access to education to everybody as a fundamental human right.
  • To coordinate with other universities and the regional education system the development of higher education studies, research and community participation, based on a permanent relation to work out any problem in a cooperative way.
  • To promote strategies to help the local, regional and national socio-economic development based on a sustainable policy.
  • To generate and systemize knowledge through research, experimental development and technological applications.
  • To permanently commit the University to work together with local, national and international organisms, social organizations, professional associations, trade unions, private or public companies which may contribute to the country’s growth, being in accordance with the University objectives.
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