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As stated in the University Statute, the University aims to locally contribute with the economic, social and cultural development, imparting academic knowledge and relating it with the community knowledge to make a better standard of living and strengthen the democratic values.

In order to fulfill the Institution’s objectives, the academic and management proposal is based in a set of actions that aim to:

  • Invite and help students to start and finish higher education studies.
  • Consolidate and deepen the relation University-Community through defined strategies and concrete actions.
  • Help students and graduate students to enter the labor and professional market.

This implies a challenge for the University to work in:

  • The transition between those levels which are previous to University and higher education levels.

UNAJ aims to articulate University levels and previous levels in the process of teaching/learning. The admission process, the follow-up process and the tutoring program are planned and considered together to accompany and support students through their course of studies.

  • The creation of spaces to articulate, relate and discuss different issues between the University and the community.

Being deeply concerned with the surrounding community, UNAJ wants to redefine the concept “University Extension” to deal with social, political and economical problems of the local territory, making use of the specific and academic knowledge acquired in the different careers and the community lore.

  • The transition between the University and the labor market.

The curricular and non-curricular contents are designed from the academic structure, creating training spaces and processes for students’ intervention. The University fosters academic training of professionals proficient in the interpretation and participation within the labor market, in relation to the local, national and international context.

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