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UNAJ starts its story on December, 29th, 2009, when the Argentine National Congress enacts the Law 26.576 for the creation of the National University Arturo Jauretche, in Florencio Varela, Buenos Aires.

Since then, a set of planning, organization and management actions of the new educational proposal start. This proposal has its basis on the National Project that made it possible and its pillars are: democratic values, educational rights, interdisciplinary work and a relation committed with the community.

In 2011, The president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner attended the official launch event and stated: “UNAJ is part of an indirect true policy of security, as education is what guarantees that a society can grow more and in a better way, with equal opportunities for everyone”. In January, 2011 the National University of La Plata assigned and transfered the Ex-YPF laboratory building to UNAJ (9 hectares and a building in Calchaquí 6200), in a ceremony in which the president officially signed the document that made this cession effective.

The total number of enrolled students in the first study cycle was 3046. In 2015, the number was tripled, having today 10700 students attending our University and 9200 students enrolled to start their studies in 2016.

The origin of the enrolled students has changed over the four years of academic activities. In 2011, 78.4% of the students lived in Florencio Varela. However, since 2012 the University has acquired a regional profile, with the incorporation of students from different parts of the Conurbano Sur.
In 2011, 94% of the students were the first generation of universities students in their families. This percentage has slightly changed. Another feature of our students is that the average age is 26.

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